New Jersey Family Mediation Explained

Family mediation is a way for you and someone with whom you have a conflict or dispute to:

  • ♦    Sit down and talk about a conflict/dispute
  • ♦    Define problems and issues that need to be decided
  • ♦    Decide how your needs can best be met
  • ♦    Address and/or resolve problems
  • ♦    Decide certain issues
  • ♦    Figure out your needs
  • ♦    Work with a neutral person in a confidential way
  • ♦    Encourage communication so you and the other person will be able to solve future problems on your own
  • ♦    Resolve the conflict and create an agreement that can be made part of a court order
  • ♦    Family mediation is an alternative to trial for family disputes

A family may include a wide range of interpersonal relationships. For example, a family could include:

  • ♦    two parents (married or not) and one or more children;
  • ♦    or a childless married couple;
  • ♦    or a single parent and one or more children;
  • ♦    or a parent and a foster child;
  • ♦    or a household including a group of people such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Family mediation can be provided for any of the people indicated above. It may mean mediation between people who are divorcing or who are in a custody fight. However, it also may mean mediation between other family members such as between parents and grandparents who wish to work out conflicts and improve their communication.

If you are divorcing, divorce mediation may help you resolve your case so you can have an uncontested divorce. It can save you money and promote positive dispute resolution.

If you are contesting custody of your children, mediation provides an opportunity for you to focus on the needs of the children and to avoid the often highly charged adversarial atmosphere of the courtroom.

However your particular family is structured, family mediation will focus on finding win/win solutions and allowing parties to go forward with more understanding of each other’s points of view than they had previously.

As your mediator, I work with you to generate and explore the available options and to get the information you need to make good decisions so that you can reach an agreement and  keep ultimate control over your own future.

Divorce mediation is the sensible and sane way to settle your divorce case at a reasonable cost.

Marc P. Feldman’s Divorce Mediation Center of New Jersey serves clients in Parsippany, Morristown, Morris Township, Morris Plains, Dover, Rockaway, Roxbury, ,Madison, Florham Park, Chester, Boonton, Chatham, Denville, Hanover, Florham Park, Kinnelon, Mendham, Mount Olive and all of Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, and Union County, New Jersey.


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