Why Should I Try NJ Divorce Mediation?

If your case is referred to mediation by the court, or if someone suggests that you try mediation instead of going to court, it may be because:

  • ♦   Mediation may save you time and money. When parties resolve their disputes by litigation, their contacts are generally indirect – through attorneys and the rules of the court system. Because of this, litigation is an inefficient way to resolve disputes. With court appearances, including motions, pretrial conferences, and possibly a full trial, the litigation process can be very expensive.
  • ♦    Mediation provides an opportunity for you to say what’s important to you and hear the other person’s perspectives.  Mediation is a more direct process, where the participants are in control of their own destiny. A series of face-to-face meetings led by the mediator can produce agreements.
    ♦    Mediation may help you figure out how to get your needs and the other     person’s needs met by reaching creative, customized solutions that work for everyone.  Because the parties will not be pushed into win/lose debate or bargaining, solutions can be more creative, and fulfill more of each participant’s needs and desires.
  • ♦    You are in control and you know what your needs are better than any judge or jury.
  • ♦    Many business disputes, family conflicts, neighborhood disputes, and one-on-one issues are most effectively resolved in mediation.
  • ♦    Even some criminal and juvenile justice cases are better handled in mediation than in court. This is especially true if the people involved have an ongoing relationship.
  • ♦    Mediation may help you preserve (or improve) a troubled business, family or neighborhood relationship.

As your mediator, I work with you to generate and explore the available options and to get the information you need to make good decisions so that you can reach an agreement and  keep ultimate control over your own future.

Divorce mediation is the sensible and sane way to settle your divorce case at a reasonable cost.  Contact Marc P Feldman at 973-267-7555 to find out more about Divorce Mediation.


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